Shiatsu Massage by Olga - Licensed Massage Therapist, Specializing in barefoot shiatsu, and acupressure.  Shiatsu Massage helps circulation, reduces pain, relieves stress, and promotes sleep. 



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Shiatsu - Acupressure is an ancient healing art that uses the fingers to press key points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body's natural self - curative abilities.  When these points are pressed, they release muscular tension and promote the circulation of blood to aid healing.  Shiatsu uses the gentle but firm pressure of hands and even feet.  


Shiatsu can be effective in helping relieve headaches, neck pain, back aches, arthritis, muscle aches, and tension due to stress.  Shiatsu is a way to balance the body and maintain good health.  Shiatsu reduces tension, increases circulation, and enables the body to relax deeply.  By relieving stress, acupressure strengthens resistance to disease and promotes wellness.

With shiatsu, local symptoms are considered an expression of the condition of the body as a whole.  A tension headache, for instance, may be rooted in the shoulder and neck area.  Thus shiatsu focuses on relieving pain and discomfort as well as on responding to tension before it develops into a "dis-ease", that is, before the constrictions and imbalances can do further damage.  


More than 5,000 years ago, the Chinese discovered that pressing certain points on the body relieved pain where it occurred and also benefitted other parts of the body more remote from the pain and the pressure point.  Gradually, they found other locations that not only alleviated pain but also influenced the functioning of certain internal organs.  In the early Chinese dynasties, when stones and arrows were the only implements of war, many soldiers wounded on the battlefield reported that symptoms of disease that had plagued them for years had suddenly vanished.  Naturally, such strange occurrences baffled the physicians who could find no logical relationship between the trauma and the ensuing recovery of health.  The Chinese have practiced shiatsu / acupressure for over 5,000 years as a way of keeping themselves well and happy.  

Many of the health problems in our society - from bad backs to arthritis are the results from living unnaturally.  Stress, tension, lack of exercise, poor eating habits, and poor posture contribute to the epidemic of degenerative diseases in our culture.  Shiatsu acupressure is one way to help your body fight back and balance itself in the face of the pressures of modern life.  Besides relieving pain, shiatsu can help rebalance the body by dissolving tensions and stresses that keep it from functioning smoothly and that inhibit the immune system.  Acupressure shiatsu enables the body to adapt to environmental changes and resist illness.  

As a shiatsu point is pressed, the muscle tension yields to the finger pressure, enabling the fibers to elongate and relax, blood to flow freely, and toxins to be released and eliminated.  Increased circulation also brings more oxygen and other nutrients to affected areas.  This increases the body's resistance to illness and promotes a longer, healthier, more vital life.  When the blood and bio electrical energy circulate properly, we have a greater sense of harmony, health, and well-being. 


Although shiatsu is not a substitute for medical care, it is often an appropriate complimentary treatment.  It can, for instance, speed the healing of a broken bone once it has been set, or aid a cancer patient, but helping to alleviate some of the associated pain and anxiety of the disease.  Similarly, shiatsu can be an effective adjunctive to chiropractic treatment.  By relaxing and toning the back muscles, shiatsu makes the spinal adjustments easier and more effective, and the results last longer.  In fact, the two therapies were originally practiced together in ancient China.  
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